Microcode Tech Support


AMMS - Automated Microcode Management System
for IBM RS/6000, pSeries, AIX systems

The AMMS software is packaged as part of the vLPARtm automated deployment appliance.

One of the most difficult administration tasks in an AIX environment is attempting to keep the firmware and microcode up-to-date. Mt Xia has devised an automated method of gathering the Microcode information, determining which microcode needs to be updated, generating reports, and uploading the required microcode updates to each individual system.

NOTE:This automated firmware/microcode update and reporting system works with or without an HMC.

This firmware and microcode management system can be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, monthly, or any other periodic basis to determine which system require firmware/microcode updates, what firmware/microcode is required, retrieve only that firmware/microcode, upload the firmware/microcode to each individual system, and prepare the system for the firmware/microcode update.

If desired, this firmware/microcode management system can be configured to notify the administrator of systems that have been prepared for firmware/microcode updates, and automatically send a change request to schedule the firmware/microcode update.