DR Tech Support


Mt Xia leverages it's decades of experience in multiple industries to provide your organization with disaster recovery planning and support that will insure your critical business functions are recovered within your established recovery time objectives.

Typically, disaster recovery planning should be performed by an external consulting firm because an organizations personnel are not experts in disaster recovery. And training personnel to become experts in disaster recovery is usually an expensive process. Also personnel are always engaged in other projects and tasks, adding a disaster recovery project causes their time to be further subdivided and the resulting DR plan suffers. The last thing an organization needs is an ill conceived disaster recovery plan that was assembled by personnel when they had nothing better to do.

An organizations future rests with the quality of the disaster recovery plan, this must be constructed by specialists and continuously maintained and reviewed for acuracy.

Mt Xia can provide your organization with any level of assistance with your disaster recovery planning project thru implementation of your disaster recovery plan after an incident.