AIX Hosting Services


Mt Xia offers co-location services for your production, test, and development environments running on IBM AIX. We will provide you with one or more IBM AIX environments running in our data centers on a long term basis.

Are your IBM AIX platforms costing you too much to support and maintain? Move your production, test, and development environments running in IBM AIX to our data centers. Save all of your current expenses and costs associated with facilities, hardware, software, communications, and personnel. Let us host these environments for you in one of our data centers. We will provide AIX, HACMP, DB2, TSM, Tivoli and any other tools you require. You may lease environments on an LPAR basis or lease entire frame(s). We will provide remote Hardware Management Console (HMC) access to your administrators so they can modify these environments on an as needed basis.

You may use these off-site environments on a long-term basis, unlike the services provided by IBM.

Mt Xia focuses entirely on IBM AIX enviroments and has decades of system administration, data center and and systems management experience.

Please contact us at 615.556.0456 to discuss your needs and requirements, or write us :