President: Dana French (email)

Mr. French's career in the IT industry has spanned three decades and numerous industries. His work focuses primarily on the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery, and high availability. He has designed and written numerous software packages to automate the processes of disaster recovery and high availability and is most noted for his approach to system administration as an automated process, rather than an interactive one. As an industry leader in the field of system administration, he has influenced the design and implementation of Unix systems in organizations all over the world, and is the person who coined the phrase "enterprise wide unique". His business function approach to system administration has caused a global shift in the way Unix system administrators perform their work.

He operates several companies that specialize in providing business continuity services to large world wide organizations. These companies provide services that include consulting, disaster recovery facilities, application and business function hosting, and system administration. He is also a noted author and publishes on these topics regularly.